Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Learning my ropes in the blogosphere

I am new to blogging, but hopefully a learning curve is less steep as one for making knives. I guess the main reason for starting a blog would to communicate more effectively - post updates, WIPs (Work-In-Progress), information on new steels, and other topics related to kitchen knife making and use. Of course, my favorite subject after knives, food, won't be overlooked. There will be articles, videos, pictures.

So to start, I am posting pictures of a set I finished last week - a walnut end-grain board, a 12" hightly figured maple magnetic knife holder and 180mm petty chef knife with koa, blackwood, and mokume handle.
I started making accessories recently, and after some tweaking of existing designs, I came up with a following design for a magnetic strip.  One shortcoming of the common magnetic knife holders is the separating a knife from the block. My design addresses this issue.


  1. I am enjoying your site can't wait to view more and read your comments.

  2. Nicely done Marko. Be well-Tom